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[3-Pack]-Mr.Shield For Moto G30 [Upgrade Maximum Cover Screen Version] [Tempered Glass] [Japan Glass with 9H Hardness] Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement

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<b>Pay Attention : </b> <p> Moto G30 [Upgrade Maximum Cover Screen Version] Proscreens has curved edges that our screen protectors do not cover 100%, as they would peel over time causing customer frustration. We designed our screen protectors so you will have maximum coverage on your device with ease of installation and durability. </p> <p><p> <b>JAPAN GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR FEATURES:</b> <p> -Unparalleled multi-layered protection</p> <p> -Anti scratch, anti shatter and anti fingerprint layers</p> <p> -Precision laser-cut tempered glass, polished with round edges</p> <p>-99.99% HD clarity and touch accuracy</p> <p>-Bubble free installation</p> <p> <p> <p> <p><b>Mr.Shield Screen Protector Kit Includes:</b> </p> <p> -Tempered Glass Screen Protector? </p> <p> -Instructions </p> <p> -Scratching Card </p> <p> -Cleaning Cloth? </p> <p> -Dust collecter? </p> <p> -Removing tapes </p> <p> <br> </p> <p> <b>Mr.Shield screen protector Features:</b> </p> <p> -100% bubble-free silicon adhesives </p> <p> -99% highest transparency </p> <p> -9H HARD-COATED scratch resistant protection </p> <p> -0.3mm Ultra Thin </p> <p> -All 2.5D Round Edge </p> <p> <br> </p> <p> <b>Mr.Shield lifetime replacement:</b> </p> <p> We will send you replacements free of charge for: </p> <p> -Installation problem such as bubbles or other user error </p> <p> -Damaged screen protectors </p> <p> -Does not fit your device </p>